SIA DC-09 Message Generator
North Latitude Technology, LLC

ID Token Select from list, " is part of token
Sequence Number Enter 4 ASCII characters, "0"-"9"
Receiver Number Enter 1-6 ASCII characters, "0"-"9", "A"-"F", optional
Account Prefix Enter 1-6 ASCII characters, "0"-"9", "A"-"F", required
Account Number Enter 3-16 ASCII characters, "0"-"9", "A"-"F", required
Message Data Enter ASCII data consistent with ID token
Extended Data Enter ASCII data, optional
Timestamp Enter ASCII in format: HH:MM:SS,MM-DD-YYYY, optional
  Click to generate updated message
DC09 Message <LF> and <CR> are binary values
CRC 4 ASCII characters, "0"-"9", "A"-"F"
Length 4 ASCII characters, "0"-"9", "A"-"F"
Warnings V1.1


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